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Report an incident

Title 9

Title IX card

Use the Title IX Support and Report Resources Card as a quick reference to guide responsible employee reporting.

All VCU employees must report incidents of prohibited conduct to the Title IX Coordinator, as outlined in the Sexual Misconduct/Violence and Sex/Gender Discrimination Policy. Only confidential employees, including licensed medical, clinical, and mental health professionals as defined in the policy, are exempt from disclosing information without an individual’s permission except as required by law.

If you have experienced prohibited conduct, you may report it to the university, law enforcement or both. VCU urges any person with knowledge of an incident to report it immediately using the following options:

File a report

File a report online by using the Sexual misconduct/violence and sex/gender discrimination incident reporting form. You can also email titleix@vcu.edu or select one of the options below.

Contact VCU’s Title IX Coordinator or any deputy Title IX Coordinator:

  • Laura Walsh Rugless, Title IX Coordinator, (804) 828-6404 or lrugless@vcu.edu
  • Tammi Slovinsky, deputy Title IX Coordinator for students, (804) 827-1963 or tslovinsky@vcu.edu
  • Cathleen C. Burke, deputy Title IX Coordinator for employees, (804) 828-3248 or ccburke@vcu.edu
  • Sofia A. Hiort-Wright, deputy Title IX Coordinator for athletics, (804) 828-2184 or shiort@vcu.edu

Contact law enforcement in case of emergencies, safety concerns or criminal matters:

  • 911 (emergencies); (804) 646-5100 (non-emergencies)
  • VCU Police (804) 828-1234 (emergencies); (804) 828-1196 (non-emergencies)
  • Mike O'Berry, Interim Chief of VCU Police, (804) 828-2025

Use the VCU Helpline

Complaints should be filed under this policy within two years of the date of the alleged incident. The university will evaluate complaints filed later than that to determine whether supportive or interim measures are needed by the complainant, whether a continuing threat to the university community exists, and whether a formal investigation is warranted and practically feasible.