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Title IX Online Training

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Title IX online training for employees FAQs

The contents of this page are available for download here: Title IX online training for employees FAQs.

1) Which employees are required to complete the training?

All VCU employees (anyone who is on payroll) are required to complete the training once. This includes faculty, staff, adjuncts, full-time, part-time, and student employees. If a student employee has already completed the student training and received a passing rate of at least 80%, please see FAQ #10 for an alternative way to meet the employee training requirement.

2) Are non-employees able to take the training?

Yes, affiliates, such as contractors, also can be identified and provided with the training. If you have responsibility for affiliates and would like to make the training available to them, please contact titleix@vcu.edu.

3) How do employees access the training?

Please access the training program through the following link: Not Anymore. Then enter your University credentials on the sign on page. The system will then walk you through the program page by page. Once you complete the training in the system, your completion will automatically be logged and you will be able to download a certificate of completion for your records.

4) Why am I required to complete this training? 

It is the responsibility of every member of the VCU community to foster an environment free of Prohibited Conduct and be familiar with VCU’s Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and the Interim Sex-Based Misconduct Policy. In order to equip employees with the knowledge needed to help safeguard the wellbeing of our community members, VCU is using Not Anymore, an interactive online Title IX training. 

5) How often am I required to complete this training?

Employees are required to complete this training once with a passing rate of at least 80%. Employees are encouraged to attend other awareness programs throughout the year.

6) How will I be notified about the training?

New employees will receive an email notification about the training from titleix@vcu.edu. No additional action is required by supervisors to notify employees of the training. However, supervisors are responsible for ensuring employees complete the training. Please see FAQ #9 for instructions on how to check training completion.

7) When is the deadline to complete the training?

New employees should complete the training within 30 days of receiving the email from titleix@vcu.edu.

8) How will training completion be tracked for student employees? If I'm a student employee who already completed the student version of the training, do I also need to complete the employee training?

All departments that hire students are responsible for ensuring that their student employees have completed the online Title IX training required for employees. Departments will have to confirm Title IX training completion for them in the following ways:

  • Student employees can provide their departments with their certificates of completion for the employee training. Student Employees can download their certificates from the training website. The certificate is available to print at the top of the page and will say “Employee Version” on it.
  • If student employees have completed the student training with a passing rate of 80% or higher, as is required by the employee training, an alternative way to complete the training is available to them. The students will need to 1) provide the departments with proof of the passing rate, which can be done by taking a screenshot of the student training homepage, and 2) watch the Responsible Employee video. Once this is done, the departments must send the student employees’ names and email addresses to titleix@vcu.edu so that their training completion records can be manually updated.
  • All student employees will receive an email notification about the training when they are added to employee Banner. No additional action is required by departments to notify student employees of the training. Departments should remind student employees to check their email for the training notification.

Please contact titleix@vcu.edu with any questions about tracking student employee training completion.

9) I have already completed this training, but I received another notification. Why am I being asked to complete the training again?

If you believe you have completed the employee training and are receiving a training notification in error, please contact titleix@vcu.edu. Please note a change in eID may have triggered the notification. If you have changed your eID recently, please include your previous and current eID in your email to titleix@vcu.edu.

10) What if employees are unable to complete the training because they will find it triggering or are uncomfortable to the point of being unable to view it?

If you feel participating in this program would present a personal challenge, please contact titleix@vcu.edu for an alternative way to meet the training requirement.

11) What if I experience technical difficulty while completing the training?

For technical assistance with with the Not Anymore training, please contact support@studentsuccess.org

12) What devices is the training compatible with?

The training is compatible with all devices, except iPhones.

Thank you for your interest in the Not Anymore training. If your questions are not answered above, please email titleix@vcu.edu