Youth Program Registration Form

The Protection of Minors Compliance Process

The process for establishing and ensuring the safety of minors on campus involves several key components. On this page, you can:

  • complete the registration of your program or activity with the University, and
  • learn about appropriate training that is required.

The options and process for completing background checks is an important aspect of this process. Please refer to the Background Checks page for more information.

Please refer to the Program Reviews page for more information on the ongoing process for monitoring compliance to the SPM Policy.


Per VCU's Protection of Minors policy, every qualified hosted or sponsored program or activity must register with the University. To register your program, please fill out this form:

Youth Program Registration Form


There are three tiers of online training, a different tier required for program directors, employees, and volunteers. Directors and employees involved in programs or activities with minors are required to take this training.

To receive credit for the training, Tier I & II individuals must complete all quizzes and answer 80 percent of questions correctly, and e-mail score certificates to the program supervisor. Program supervisors must store all Tier I & II individuals score certificates in a central repository.