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Title IX

Seeking help?

VCU offers care and support and encourages people to seek help as soon as possible; also, as time passes, important evidence may be lost. The VCU community can contact the VCU Police Department (which offers the You Have Options program),  VCU Health System Forensic Nurse Services (through the Emergency Department), and for students, the Wellness Resource Center (for confidential advocates), Student Health Services and University Counseling Services. Equity and Access Services serves as the Title IX office for VCU and coordinates the university's response to reports. Students can explore, in a confidential setting, available options based on individual circumstances, by contacting the Wellness Resource Center at MyOptions@vcu.edu.

Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to providing an environment free from sexual misconduct, assault, harassment or any sex/gender discrimination that may violate Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and other state and federal laws.

VCU will take prompt and appropriate action to eliminate prohibited conduct, prevent its recurrence and remedy its effects. VCU will also offer reasonable and appropriate measures to protect a complainant and facilitate the complainant’s continued access to university employment or education programs and activities. Such measures may include no-contact directives, residence modifications, academic modifications and counseling.

All reports of prohibited conduct will be addressed and resolved. Investigations of prohibited conduct will be conducted by civil rights investigators in Equity and Access Services. Those who violate the policy will face disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion.

All VCU employees are defined by the policy as either confidential employees or responsible employees. All responsible employees have a responsibility to immediately report incidents of prohibited conduct involving sexual assault, sexual exploitation and partner or relationship violence to the Title IX Coordinator.

Supervisors, management and human resources professionals are required to report incidents regarding sex or gender-based discrimination to the university’s Title IX Coordinator. Reporting is required when such supervisors, management and human resource professionals know (by reason of a direct or indirect disclosure) or reasonably should know, of such incidents or conduct. For academic faculty, supervisors include department chairs, deans and other unit administrators.

VCU policy

VCU’s policy on Sexual Misconduct/Violence and Sex/Gender Discrimination applies to the entire university community and third parties. The policy provides a fair and impartial process for all parties.

The policy replaces and supersedes the Title IX Student Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Anti-Discrimination Policy (Student Sexual Misconduct Policy) and the Prohibition Against Sexual Harassment. The policy applies to all prohibited conduct reported on or after Aug. 5, 2015. The procedures established under this policy will be used to address, investigate and resolve all reports made on or after Aug. 5, 2015, regardless of when the underlying conduct occurred. When the prohibited conduct occurred prior to Aug. 5, 2015, the former definitions of misconduct will be used.

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